CRS Cross Gel Discs - 4 Inch Body
CRS Cross Gel Discs - 4 Inch Body
CRS Cross Gel Discs - 4 Inch Body
CRS Cross

CRS Cross Gel Discs - 4 Inch Body

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CRS Cross Gel Discs are used by athletes and active individuals for ankles and other body parts to reduce shock, vibration, and pressure.  They are used to break in new skating boots or other footwear and to provide extra padding in specific areas of the body.

Place the Discs against the skin, underneath socks. Non-adhesive, the natural stickiness of the gel reduces movement. Some customers place discs between the sock and boot.

100% Medical Grade Quality gels are used to ensure the highest quality and most effective gel padding. The Gel Disc is made of a soft polymer gel that reduces shock, pressure and rubbing. This product is non-allergenic and is designed safe for use with the skin. The Discs are hand washable and reusable and hypoallergenic.

Versatile for ice hockey, figure skating, rollerblading, roller skates, roller derby, quad skates, inline skates, hiking, skiing, tall equestrian boots.

  • Set includes two (2) Discs Set with a reusable CRS Cross mesh bag designed to air pads after each use.

  • The discs are non-adhesive.

  • 4 inches diameter, 3/16 inch thick

Designed by a former professional figure skater, current coach and skating mom. Whether it is long hours in your boots, new boots or just sore ankles, don't suffer. CRS Cross Gel Pads will provide comfort and protection to that ankle from hard boots.

Don't criss-cross your laces without a CRS Cross.

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